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Test Results

CBD: 0.44
CBDA: 0.46
THC: 43.44
THCA: 23.94
Total: 70.35


Orange Ghost x Lashkar Gah/White ’91
Orange Afghani by Bedford Grow is a heavy Indica with bright terpenes. Crossing an Orange Ghost mother and a Lashkar Gah/White 91 father, Orange Afghani inherits tart citrus terpenes overlain by a sweet, floral undertone native to many traditional Kush cuts. This strain has a happy, euphoric buzz that couples well with its functional relaxation. Orange Afghani is also known to produce high levels of the terpene terpinolene. Terpinolene has a piney and floral fresh aroma that is often used in soaps and perfumes. This terpene has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, allowing it to help fight infections and create a sense of balance and well-being.
This item will take approximately 0.5 grams off your concentrate limit.

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