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Test Results

CBD: 42.052
THC: 35.209
Total: 82.742


Orange Creamsicle x Herijuana
Orange Herijuana is a CBD prominent, indica-dominant hybrid that takes the load off, whether you’re hitting the trail or the sack. Strong citrus notes provide an uplifting effect, while calming the mind of anxious thoughts. This strain is described as blissful, optimistic, body-comforting, and surprisingly energetic.
This cartridge requires a PAX battery to use. PAX batteries are sold at the dispensary.
This item will take 0.5 grams off your concentrate limit.

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  • I LOVE THIS CARTRIDGE AND STRAIN!! PAX carts are my favorite, due to them using live resin and having a more cannabis forward taste as compared to some of the others that are “fruity” flavored. I love citrus and this cart hits that spot perfectly. The effects are clear headed with a light background buzz and any stress, anxiety, and negative thoughts seem to melt away at that first hit. Perfect combination of CBD with a little more THC; great for headache days as well.