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Test Results

CBD: 0.19
THC: 64.02
THCA: 0.12
Total: 66.44


California Big Bud Skunk and K.C. 606
Sweet Dreams is an indica-dominant hybrid. Sweet Dreams is known for its tendency to creep up on consumers, leaving them deeply relaxed to the point of sleepiness. Its strong body buzz is very calming and relaxes your entire system. Due to these features, Sweet Dreams is perfect for healing muscle spasms, tremors, severe muscle cramps and neuropathic pains. It soothes away all the different pains, giving you complete peace. Sweet Dreams has a pungent aroma that is a heavy blend of skunk-y, berry, Kush and ammonia scents. Its aroma casts quite an impact on your head. It has a very different yet smooth flavor that is rich with earthy and musty flavors. Its taste is quite similar to that of Kush.
This item will take approximately 0.5 grams from your concentrate limit.

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