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Test Results

THC: 6.08
THCA: 84.49
Total: 90.75


Kashmir Hash Plant x Afghan Kush
Vanilla Kush is a heavy indica dominant strain and the brainchild of Amsterdam’s Barney’s farm. Its lineage includes Afghan and Kashmir strains. The strong aroma of vanilla gave this strain its name. As far as taste goes, there is an overall sweet flavor with hints of vanilla along with notes of lavender and citrus. Those in search of some intense relaxation and stress relief can expect a heavy body buzz with a clear headed, uplifting feeling. Stress, depression, pain and muscle spasms are sure to fade away followed by a nice nap.
Terpene Profile: Beta-Myrcene – Has a clove/musky aroma and is great for sedation, pain, sleep, and muscle tension. Beta-Caryophyllene – Has an aroma described as clove, dry, spicy, and woody; this terpene is neuroprotectant, gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and offers great promise for auto-immune disorders. Elemene – Has a sweet, floral aroma; this terpene is known for its anti-inflammatory, pain relieving effects and can also decrease side effects of chemotherapy or increase activity of certain chemotherapies and radiation.
This product will take approximately 1 gram off your concentrate limit.

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