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Test Results

CBD: 32.655
CBDA: 0.879
THC: 48.395
THCA: 0.855
Total: 85.435


S.C. Slimer x Orange Herijuana
This cross of S.C. Slimer and Orange Herijunana is sure to put a smile on your face. S.C. Slimer has Strawberry Cough linage great for mood enhancement and slight energy. Orange Herijuana is a high CBD citrus forward strain. Together you get the best of both worlds with pain and anxiety relief along with those uplifting feel good vibes.
Purchasing this product will take approximately 0.3 grams off your concentrate limit.

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  • (verified owner)

    This 2:1 ratio of THC to CBD was even more relaxing than THC is alone. This strain really brought a feeling of peace, patience and calm, if you use cannabis to soothe anxiety you can’t miss this.

  • I don’t usually buy disposables, but I couldn’t pass up this magical combination! I am a fan of Orange Herijuana for it’s great anti-anxiety properties. I had tried the S.C. Slimer in a pre-roll and had great mood uplift as well has clearing the “brain fog” I had from using too much indica earlier in the day. Both together is the perfect combination of feel good energy that makes it nearly impossible to have a bad day! Highly recommend for those with depression or anxiety; I will be definitely be purchasing again!