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Test Results

CBDA: 0.09
THC: 0.89
THCA: 26.73
Total: 27.71


Lemon Tree x OG Eddy
Sweet and zesty lemon aromas with sweet and hoppy notes on the palate. Effects onset like a sativa initially, and give way to a tingly, relaxing sensation.
Terpene profile:Myrcene-Has a clove/musky aroma and is great for sedation, pain, sleep, and muscle tension.Limonene-Has a citrus, sweet aroma and generally has mood elevation and euphoria as typical effects, which can aid with anxiety and depression.Caryophyllene-Has an aroma described as clove, dry, spicy, and woody; this terpene is a neuroprotectant, gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and offers great promise for auto-immune disorders.
This item will take approximately 28 grams from you flower limit.

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