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Test Results

THC: 0.32
THCA: 16.79
Total: 17.11


Triple OG x Blueberry
This strain can go by a few different names, such as Captain Crunch or Crunchberry. If you’re a fan of berry, this strain is a must try. Its aroma offers a hint of berries beneath a vanilla and pine-like scent, while its flavor has an even more pronounced sweet berry kick. This indica strain brings blissful relaxation to mind and body. Effects have been described by some of its reviewers as uplifting their mood while couch-locking their body. This is an indica-dominant strain, so many reviewers have experienced a relaxed state of being that can sometimes numb both physical and mental pains. Some consumers say they have have used Crunch Berries to help with their appetite loss, insomnia, stress, and chronic pain.
This item will take approximately 2 grams off you flower limit. There are 4 pre-rolled joints weighing approximately 0.5 grams each.

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