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Test Results

THC: 1.05
THCA: 25.66
Total: 26.71


Chem D x SFV OG Kush
This strain is known for its strong diesel aroma with hints of citrus on the exhale. Motorbreath’s effects are described as euphoric, having a strong body high, and increasing appetite. After a little while it creeps up on you and can hit you with a wave of relaxation and sleep. This strain is described as having a “numbing” effect that works great for pain. The terpene profile of this strain includes limonene, which provides the light citrus aroma and flavor.
Terpene Profile: Caryophyllene – Has an aroma described as clove, dry, spicy, and woody; this terpene is neuroprotectant, gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and offers great promise for auto-immune disorders. Nerolidol – Has a sweet, floral aroma with notes of citrus and wood; this terpene can enhance the entourage effect of taking CBD and THC together, adding extra soothing and relaxing properties. Nerolidol is a sedative terpene that is known for fighting anxiety and stress. Limonene – Has a citrus, sweet aroma and generally has mood elevation and euphoria as typical effects, which can aid with anxiety and depression.
Swift Lifts are approximately 2.5 grams of flower in 5 pre-rolled joints.
Purchasing this product will take approximately 2.5 grams off your flower limit.

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