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Test Results

THC: 0.965
THCA: 19.201
Total: 20.655


(Northern Lights #5 x Chemdog D) x Northern Lights
The perfect blend of Chem, Haze, and Northern Lights, the Aurora Chem Haze is a moderate potency hybrid with a strong base of mental and physical relaxation brightened up by the Haze’s cerebral effects. With Aurora Chem Haze, two of cannabis’ varieties (Haze and Chemdog) make beautiful music together. This strain is described as the perfect blend of tangy, citrusy Haze and gassy, funky Chemdog. Aurora Chem Haze also has a wonderful Indica base in the Northern Lights. Bright green and orange flowers power a moderate potency effect that leans slightly Indica but keeps the mind engaged thanks to the cerebral Haze.
This item will take approximately 1 gram off your flower limit.

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