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Test Results

THC: 0.61
THCA: 21.46
Total: 22.07


Ghost Train Haze X Mandarin Sunset
Citradelic Sunset has attractive lime-green buds scattered with purple hues. Ranging from sour orange and lime to a sweeter profile, this strain will make your mouth water. At the onset of the high, you should expect to feel a slight tingling sensation that begins at the base of the neck and quickly spreads throughout your headspace with a lightly seductive feeling. Almost instantly youll feel a sense of calm and uplifting euphoria rush into your psyche, eliminating any negative thoughts or ideals you might have been harboring. Next, a boost of creative energy and focus will enter the forefront of your mind, making it quite easy to tackle your next project or the list of chores on your to-do list. As the high progresses, a relaxing body high will take root in your limbs, easing any physical aches, pains, and inflammations you might be having.
This item will take approximately 3.5 grams from your flower limit

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