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Test Results

THC: 0.65
THCA: 20.36
Total: 21.01


Lemon Larry x Ghost OG
Mojo is a even hybrid that will help you get your mojo back! It has a sweet and sour fruity citrus flavor with touches of pepper that leave your eyes opened and your taste buds activated long after you toke. The smell tickles your nose with fresh citrus and grapes accented by spicy berries and earth. The Mojo high comes soon after, lifting you gently into a state of happy energy and motivation that won’t overwhelm you or cause stress. This energized effect will quickly fade, leaving you with a hazy feeling of pure bliss and deep relaxation. Thanks to these rather mellow effects, Mojo is the perfect choice for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and muscle spasms.
This item will take approximately 3.5 off your flower limit.

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  • Mojo is one of my favorite strains so far. Mellow indica without being too heavy to weight you down. Great for bad back pain days and lowering anxiety. Definitely helps me “get my mojo back”! (: