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THC: 0.77
THCA: 24.76
Total: 25.53


A.J.’s Sour Diesel x Banana Sherbet
This strain’s scent profile is comparable to fruit yogurt with a similar taste profile that has a hint of banana and lemon thrown in. Nature’s Grace and Wellness selected their current best performing phenotype, that is high in terpenes beta-myrcene, beta-caryophyllene and limonene. Ideal for anxiety and PTSD, many reviewers report a balance of calm and energy with no paranoia or sleepy side effects. This strain also boasts excellent pain relief for daily activities along with the mental clarity to keep you focused on task.
This product will take approximately 3.5 grams off your flower limit.

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  • This strain is awesome for me! Super euphoric and relaxing at the same time without making me too tired to function. Great strain to use for anxiety and stress relief!